We call for the creation of an inter-agency task force, the Climate Leadership Council, modeled after the National Security Council to convene top level government leaders to coordinate climate policy and ensure a holistic approach to climate and environmental justice in all administration actions.

We call for the creation of new environmental justice positions at key agencies, including the White House, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of State, and other agencies where environmental justice must be elevated and thoroughly integrated into every aspect of agency planning and decisionmaking.

We urge bold action to establish a new generation of climate and public health protections that will advance environmental justice and spur equitable job creation and growth in the clean energy economy  – including clean air safeguards that will sharply reduce the full array of climate- and health-harming pollutants emitted by the transportation sector, the power sector, and the oil and gas sector.  EPA and other federal agencies must immediately roll back Trump Administration anti-environment policies that endanger public health, exacerbate climate change, undermine clean energy development, perpetuate environmental injustice and threaten the environment.


We urge Congress in the first 100 days and throughout the next Congress to pass meaningful, measurable, and durable policies to address the climate crisis, invest in clean energy, support workers and families, and achieve environmental justice.