Nominated by President Joe Biden​

As former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg brings a range of unique perspectives and a background in urban affairs, including his perspective as the mayor of a midwestern city, to the Department of Transportation. The transportation sector is the leading source of climate change causing pollution, and as Secretary of Transportation, Buttigieg will be deeply involved in the Biden administration’s aggressive plans to combat the climate crisis. Buttigieg is a strong advocate for climate action and climate solutions, particularly investments in green infrastructure as well as clean, electric vehicles as a means of growing the economy and creating jobs. Buttigieg would also be Biden's first LGBTQ cabinet nominee to his administration and, if Buttigieg is confirmed, he would be the first openly LGBTQ Cabinet secretary.



Nomination Timeline:

December 17, 2020 Appointment Announced

Up next:

Refer to Transportation Committee

Committee Hearings: 1/21/2021

Committee Vote: 1/27/2021

Full Senate Vote: 2/2/2021

Confirmation: 2/3/2021